Friday, December 28, 2007

FHWA seeks extended comment period for I-94 project

The Federal Highway Administration is seeking an extension of the public comment period on the North-Sourth I-94 project until Jan. 25, according to David J. Scott, FHWA's Marquette Interchage / SE Freeways Coordinator.

Scott informed us of FHWA's move today. WisDOT has not responded, at least in public -- the Dec. 31 cut-off date is still on its web site, but it would be hard to imagine Frank Busalacchi and co. blowing off the feds' request.

CASH, Ald. Bob Bauman and the city of Milwaukee sought extensions to the comment period.

Remember, though, that an extended comment period ain't a done deal. Its best to get comments in by Dec. 31 and add to them later than to bet the comment period will be extended and be wrong about it.

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