Saturday, December 29, 2007

It looks like the comment period is indeed extended

This morning's JS report that the comment period on the I-94 NS project indeed has been extended sent me scrambling -- can FHWA unilaterally extend a comment period?

Appears to be the answer is 'yes.' From the AASHTO Practictioner's Handbook:

Extending the Comment Period
Requests to extend the comment period are frequently received, particularly for larger and
more complex projects. The decision about whether to extend the comment
period rests with the lead agency, which is typically FHWA for a highway project. The requirements of Section 6002 of SAFETEA-LU should be considered when deciding whether
to extend a comment period. Section 6002 establishes (with allowance for some exceptions) a 60-day maximum comment period for comments on a DEIS, and a 30-day maximum for other comment periods.


Christopher Kuester said...

It's about time the Fed's showed up to stop this snowball, filled with billions of dollars and poor planning by the Wisconsin D.O.T., from being rammed down the throats of every Milwaukee Citizen!

We need to ensure the voices of reason are heard at any upcoming "Public Hearings".
I strongly urge all Milwaukee residents to turn out in large numbers to have their voices heard on this critical project.

Christopher Kuester
Milwaukee 13th District
Candidate for Alderman

Joe Klein said...

Here is the comment I sent in:

Dear Wisconsin Department of Transportation,

Any I-94 expansion funding, without funding for alternative forms of transportation, is neglectful of your fiduciary responsibilities to the citizens of Wisconsin. Your assumption in the expansion study regarding growth in traffic, fail to account for current projected increases in the price of oil, and fail to foresee our nation's probable inclusion in future climate treaties.

It is time to take a stand for our children's future. You should be building transportation systems that wean us off of automobile dependency, not solutions that enable automobile dependency.

Given the latest IPCC report and current projections in the price of oil, I-94 expansion without alternatives is the wrong thing to do at this point in our nation's history.

Our state motto is 'Forward.' It is time to look forward and do what is best for our future, our children's future, and our children's children's future.
Joe Klein
3425 N. Bartlett Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211