Monday, December 17, 2007

WisDOT says its Drexel interchange plan may hurt Milwaukee

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation knows the building an interchange at I-94 and Drexel Ave. will harm the city of Milwaukee and its efforts to keep the 27th St. business district healthy.

Here's the summary, from WisDOT's own draft Environmental Impact Statement, on the effects of an interchange at Drexel Ave. in Oak Creek.

New interchange at Drexel Avenue
Induced growth very likely
• The pace and intensity of development along 27th Street may increase.
• The development pattern along Drexel Avenue could change from residential/open spaces to
commercial development.
Potential to influence interregional land development patterns - redevelopment along 27th Street in Milwaukee may be discouraged as the ease of developing “greenfield” sites in Oak Creek and Franklin increases.
May increase the competitiveness of new “greenfield” sites and discourage reinvestment in existing urban corridors. (Emphasis mine)

Hmm, wonder if the brains at WisDOT also figured out that reducing access to 27th St. from the freeway, as current plans call for, also will be a devastating blow to businesses along the strip.

Betcha they have.

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