Thursday, December 6, 2007

WisDOT's shell game

Yup. We're screwed.

WisDOT isn't even going to begin to talk about how to come up with the money for its $1.9 billion freeway expansion plan until after it is approved by the feds, according to the JS.

Gutierrez said the financing details would be worked out after the project receives federal approval and an estimate on the federal dollars available. At that time, the DOT will ask the Legislature to allocate the money necessary to complete the work by 2016.

In other words, this could be another "find the money as you go" WisDOT project. What's the impact on driver taxes and fees? What's the impact on the state's debt load? What's the impact on the state's credit rating? We don't know, because WisDOT doesn't tell us. It is simply bad planning.

In that same story, by the way, the JournalSentinel reported that Citizens Allied for Sane Highways criticized the lack of an invoice plan for the project. That is incorrect. We criticized the lack of a financing plan, not an invoicing plan.

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