Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another organization rejects WisDOT's 27th Street plan

The only one who seems to like it is Frank Busalacchi, and he doesn't live, work or (I bet) shop there.

Many merchants and others located along the street think changing the ramp configuration the way WisDOT wants to will have a devastating impact on their businesses. (WisDOT's knows its unfunded $1.9 billion-plus-hundreds-of-millions-in-interest-costs proposal to expand N-S I-94 will hurt the business strip no matter what the impact of the planned ramp changes).

Here is what the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Maria Monreal-Cameron said in a letter to Busalacchi about WisDOT's proposal to limit access to the street for northbound drivers coming through the Mitchell Interchange:

"Certainly your statistics must show that scores of motorists use this particular exit in search of goods and services available on S. 27th Street. There is extensive use of the 27th street exit ramp to access a thriving and robus business district...."

Please consider the dire consequences:
  • The loss of significant revenue for the merchants who may opt to re-locate elsewhere due to the loss of convenient accessibility;
  • The "move-out" would create empty storefronts, offices and other retail outlets and result in the escalation of crime;
  • The "move out" in turn would cause a detrimental blow to the City's tax base;
  • Inaccessibility would isolate the area thereby creating a blighted business area;
  • Significant loss of employment would occur;
  • Directing northbound motorists to the Layton Street exit would increase truck and motorist traffic to a mostly residential area.
Please consider the serious and most negative impact the proposed plan would have on economic development, business retention and employment.

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