Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The neighborhood cemetery rep criticizes WisDOT's 27th Street plan, either

Here's are some of the concerns cited by Marianne Anderson, the owner representative of Arlington Park Cemetery, about the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's plan to close access to the 27th St. ramp for drivers coming north through the Mitchell Interchange.

  • Loss of existing / new businesses in our area.
  • Blight along 27th Street.
  • Higher crime rates.
  • Additional congestion at 27th and Layton.
  • Longer travel times for employees and visitors.
  • Added congestion to residential areas.
  • Problems for funerals arriving in procession.
  • Problems for families out of the area driving to visit or attend a service via a circuitous route.
"The consequences of the present proposal are detrimental in a myriad of ways. Your proposal lacks sufficient foresight to preserve the economy in the area and safety of travelers in the area. Your proposal will create an unsuccessful business district ripe for vandalism and crime. This is not the type of surroundings any cementery wants to be caught up in, or a situation any community should allow."

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