Friday, January 25, 2008

Zoo Interchange: no expansion after all (I think)

Here is the latest from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and its confusing, contradictory information on whether traffic capacity expansion (added through lanes) will be considered during Zoo Interchange reconstruction studies.

As Donna (Brown) stated, our emphasis is to try to remain within the existing footprint of the interchange. We'll follow the NEPA process to define and identify needs along the project limits, analyze traffic and identify deficiencies in pavement and structures.

If necessary, the Zoo Interchange will be designed so that if lanes need to be added on the project in the future, they can be accommodated. The Marquette Project was designed similarly and we will follow that template to design the Zoo.

I think that means "no expansion" for now, but since that same Donna Brown insisted earlier (and none too politely) that expansion is indeed on the table, I have asked for an answer in plain English.

Hey, WisDOT -- do you think you could tell your employees what is going on before you send them out to answer questions from the public? How many people were given the wrong information at that first very well-attended Zoo Interchange open house?

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