Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holy project creep, batman!

WisDOT did it again. The Zoo Interchange project, with no apparent reason, suddenly is larger than it was a few days ago.

The project area originally extended from 76th St. on the east, 116th St. on the west, the Union Pacific Railroad south of Greenfield Ave. on the south, and Center St. on the north. Now, magically, it extends from N. 70th St. to N. 124th St., and from W. Burleigh St. to W. Lincoln Ave.

It's the same kind of back door project expansion WisDOT did with the North-South I-94 project. Hey, what a coincidence!

WisDOT also publicly and earnestly and repeatedly announced that its goal was to maintain the current horizontal footprint of the interchange. Yeah, OK, but now it is talking expanding service roads and tearing down 20 homes and maybe another several commercial buildings, according to the JS.

WisDOT says it will pay fair price for any homes or businesses it destroys.

And yet it says it can't afford to deal with invasive plants -- even those it is required by law to remove -- on its properties. Something doesn't add up here.

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