Friday, May 23, 2008

The Zoo Interchange meeting

There are seven conceptual alternatives for the Zoo Interchange that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is rolling out to the public, but it's likely that four of them are already really dead. Those four -- rebuild the interchange just as it is or three different versions of making spot improvements -- would not remove left side exit and entrance ramps. which WisDOT has said over and over and over again that it would like to do.

The three remaining versions of the reconstruction project do not call for lane expansion, but do call for room for additional lanes sometime in the undefined future. WisDOT says lanes won't be added unless some future study calls for that. Since additional lanes already are proposed for I-894 as part of the North-South I-94 project, one might suspect that the call for additional lanes is not so very far away.

The three most likely options have different impacts, ranging from the potential destruction of the Boy Scout headquarters and a fire station on S. 84th St., to chomping away at the Honey Creek Corporate Center near State Fair Park, to relocation of major We Energies infrastructure, to razing a varying number of homes.

WisDOT had big maps showing all the alternatives at the public meeting at State Fair Park Wednesday night, and the agency is working to make .pdf files small enough to post on the Internet without choking the average home computer upon viewing or download, according to a representative. The specific impacts are not shown -- there are no Xs or dots where houses would come down. That is because, the rep said, the reconstruction plans are still in progress and specific addresses designated for destruction are not known.

Thanks to WisDOT staff for their professionalism and courtesy. It is still a bad idea, however, to invest so heavily in single transportation mode while requiring one community to bear the bulk of the burden of the negative impacts of the project.

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Anonymous said...

FYI, there is another neighborhood meeting tomorrow (June 24) about the Zoo Interchange project tomorrow. The meeting will be held at 7PM at Harwood Place - 8220 W. Harwood Ave., Wauwatosa.