Monday, June 2, 2008

California making improvements where they matter

While the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is looking to throw a couple hundred million away on widening a freeway for no discernible purpose, California is giving up battling a lawsuit and is going to spend money on improvements that actually help people.

The state is going to spend up to $2 billion to make improvements to accommodate people with handicaps.

What a concept.

California's work includes, according to the San Diego Union:
  • Building about 10,000 new curb ramps.
  • Improving about 50,000 existing curb ramps to meet recent changes in design requirements.
  • Rebuilding a “considerable percentage” of the approximately 2,500 miles of sidewalk under Caltrans jurisdiction.
  • Rebuilding pavement at crosswalks for a “considerable percentage” of the approximately 15,000 state highway intersections and installing audible crossing signals for the visually impaired.
It can be so very refreshing to reach out to people beyond the road-builder campaign donor crowd. WisDOT Secretary Frank Busalacchi ought to try it sometime.

Wonder just how compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act WisDOT is?

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enoughalready said...

BTW, I just learned yesterday that Bob Barr, Libertarian Party candidate for president, wants to do away with both of the Americans with Disabilities Acts. I believe he is doing so because he wants to lessen the burdens placed by government on small businesses, but I thought Libertarians were supposed to be in favor of individual liberty, which of course is what providing access is all about. So that was a new one to me. I wonder just how widespread is this concern about the Americans with Disabilities Acts. Sure doesn't sound like a winner to me.