Thursday, June 19, 2008

Driving drops again -- let's build bigger freeways

Will the Wisconsin Department of Transportation please wake up?

From today's USA Today:

Americans drove 30 billion fewer miles from November through April than during the same period in 2006-07, the biggest such drop since the Iranian revolution led to gasoline supply shortages in 1979-80.

That's a lot of miles undriven.

We already knew that expanding North-South I-94 won't improve driving speeds along most of the route. We know that WisDOT's reconstruction plan for the freeway will cost $1.9 billion and the state hasn't a clue how to pay for it.

Now we know that Americans are seriously cutting back on their driving, which not only makes freeway expansion a bit more silly, but also a bit less affordable because less driving means less money in state and federal highway funds.

So will WisDOT wake up?

Not likely. It is resting so comfortably on that pillow stuffed with our tax dollars.


driving instructor said...

Will WisDOT wake up?
Even if there were no people on the highways they'd still want to build new ones!

enoughalready said...

We really should try to put an end to the governor raiding the transportation budget, shouldn't we? And maybe restore the annual gas excise tax adjustment (for inflation)? Who was that really hurting, especially in comparison with the large sums generated?