Friday, July 4, 2008

Phil Evenson denies it...correctly

SEWRPC Executive Director Phil Evenson dropped a line to flat out deny that he suggested using toll lanes to ease congestion as I, going off a JS story, said he did.

Evenson's right. He didn't say it. My apologies.

From his note:

The thrust of my too brief remarks at the WCAN (Waukesha County Action Network) event was on the eroding nature of the mainstay state funding source in Wisconsin for highways, local roads, and transit--the gas tax. All three systems will suffer if we don't begin to address this issue. My suggestion was to think about tolling the entire state freeway system whether congested or not. I did not advocate using tolls to lessen congestion, nor did I advocate the use of pricing to ensure congestion-free lanes, whether existing or proposed lanes. I did indicate that toll revenues could be a source of local funds for transit.

Video of the event is archived at Wisconsin Eye. Evenson's remarks did indeed focus solely on using road pricing as a way to fund transportation, including potentially transit. You can find the video here.

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