Monday, August 11, 2008

No money for lights, but...

The JS reports that the state does not have enough money to repair lights on its highways.

According to the story:

State transportation officials acknowledge the lack of lighting and say that the problem snowballed the past three or four years after budgets for state lighting projects shrunk or were wiped out completely.

Since 2004, less than $200,000 has been available for lighting projects in Milwaukee County, so the state fell behind in replacing lights. In 2006, the budget was cut entirely. The state had been meeting its mark of replacing lights every four years until 2005....

This year, DOT has allocated nearly $400,000 for lighting projects. That money will go to replace about 2,900 lights in Milwaukee County by the end of this year, Dirks said.
Transportation officials said certain areas of roadway are fixed immediately if there are burnouts. Lights along the Hoan Bridge, for example, are almost all lit.

Those that are waiting to be replaced are about a year or two overdue, Dirks said. Lights are usually replaced about every four years and then maintained in between if they break or malfunction because of weather or an accident.

And yet the state has billions to spend on unneeded freeway expansion?

Something is really, really wrong here.

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