Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hoan rehab: $100 million plus

Redecking and painting the Hoan Bridge would cost more than $100 million, according to a State Department of Transportation issue paper.

Major work is needed, though, WisDOT said in a 2007 report.

"Delamination on many east and westbound units of the Hoan Bridge has already crossed or is nearing the threshold requiring deck replacement," WisDOT said in issue paper dated June 2007. "The entire structure also appears to be well beyond thresholds for chloride contamination that is evident by the delamination occurring on the underside of the deck."

Delamination basically is separation of the concrete from the supporting structure.

"If the deck is not replaced ride quality will continue to deteriorate and maintenance repairs will be frequent if not continuous," the paper said. "In addition, full depth features are likely to fall off the edge and bottom of the deck along with the edge of the parapets."

Deck replacement on the westbound portion of the bridge would cost an estimated $38.1 million; deck replacement on the eastbound portion would cost an estimated $37.1 million. Painting the bridge after the deck replacement would cost $28 million, according to the document.

Highway construction costs have risen significantly since the paper was issued, but it's not known yet what kind of impact the current economic crisis will have on future project costs.

"Funding for the Hoan Bridge Rehabilitation is critical since costs are significant," said the issue paper, obtained through an open records request. It is one of two documents released by the Department of Transportation regarding potential reconstruction of the bridge.

The paper said the deck replacements would be done in 2011 and 2012, which make the project concurrent with both the I-94 North-South reconstruction projection and the Zoo Interchange reconstruction project.

The paper is one of only two documents WisDOT released in response to request for all records related to the possible reconstruction or replacement of the Hoan Bridge. The other document released was a draft report by the HNTB consulting firm outlining an alternative plan to lower the bridge and replace I-794 with a four-lane boulevard.

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