Thursday, December 11, 2008

Freeways and funding -- guest post by Paul Trotter

A few hours after one of our snow storms was over I came upon these fine examples of the public transportation available to us in Milwaukee County. As you can see, there is blatant disregard for those who need to or choose to take the bus. It is unconscionable that we ignore the poor and spend billions on making a few more lanes so that we can travel a little faster to and from Illinois. Perhaps the DOT's best efforts at recognizing the poor in our city are the Marquette Interchange murals depicting stuggles to navigate the underground railroad. The underground railroad was a path that carried American slaves to freedom in the 1800s. I challenge Mr. Busalacchi and Mr. Walker to find a means to transport our poor efficiently, reliably and safely to plentiful jobs and prosperity out of our segregated city. Our poor are trapped by your short sighted vision that relies on the automobile for transportation.

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