Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sign on for a clean stimulus bill

Bloomberg reports that most states plan to spend transportation money from the expected stimulus bill on roads and more roads.

While many states are keeping their project lists secret, plans that have surfaced show why environmentalists and some development experts say much of the stimulus spending may promote urban sprawl while scrimping on more green-friendly rail and mass transit.

“It’s a lot of more of the same,” said Robert Puentes, a metropolitan growth and development expert at the Brookings Institution in Washington who is tracking the legislation. “You build a lot of new highways, continue to decentralize” urban and suburban communities and “pull resources away from transit.”

There is something you can do to prevent this country from drowning in a muck of freshly-poured concrete -- sign on to the Friends of the Earth "Keep the Economic Stimus Plan Clean" petition. It's easy. Click here for details and to sign on.

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