Friday, March 20, 2009

SEWRPC's total failure

Below is my question to SEWRPC Executive Director Ken Yunker re. the agency's efforts at communicating with the public about how it should spend about $67 million in federal stimulus funds. It's followed by Yunker's response, which demonstrates once more that SEWRPC just doesn't get it.

The question is actually the second time I asked it. The first time, Yunker just ignored it.

Q: And what will you be doing for public outreach and public input?
A: I expect the Milwaukee area to discuss this.

Totally, totally unacceptable. That is not public outreach. It is passive inertia. There is no vehicle for public input or feedback, nor is there any pro-active effort to inform the public what the agency is considering. At the very least, this topic ought to be on next week's agenda for the SEWRPC Environmental Justice Task Force.

It's not, though. Big surprise.

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