Saturday, March 7, 2009

More emissions on the way?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation likes to try to peddle the hallucenigenic argument that adding more lanes and more cars to freeways will not increase unhealthy emissions because, in part, air pollution has been trending downward anyway (Yeah, and the housing industry will never crash because it was doing so well five years ago.)

There now is a proposal to increase to 15% the allowable limit of ethanol in gasoline. The current limit is 10.

The New York Times reported that there is some opposition to the proposal.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers joined refiners and several environmental groups in warning that a higher blend level of ehtanol in gasoline would "lead to increased air emissions from gasoline-powered engines and potentially endanger consumers using these engines."

WisDOT has shown very little interest in protecting people from harm that will be inflicted through its freeway expansion plans. Vehicle emissions are bad for living things -- it's that simple. The potential of increased emissions because of ethanol should give WisDOT pause in its freeway expansion frenzy, but don't count on it.

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