Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yunker says his message was incomplete

Ken Yunker, executive director of the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, said he sent an incomplete email when he said, in response to a query about the agency's stimulus spending outreach effort: "I expect the Milwaukee area to discuss this."

What he meant to say, according to Yunker, is this: “I expect the Milwaukee area Advisory Committee on Transportation Planning and Programming will discuss this at their March 20 meeting.”

Consider a skeptical eyebrow to be raised.

Anyway, Yunker said he did indeed as the committee for ideas on public involvement and outreach, but the members had absolutely none.

"We would expect to hold at least one public meeting perhaps during the week of April 6 to explain the funding available, describe the project selection process, and review the candidate projects deemed by WisDOT to be eligible for stimulus funding," Yunker wrote.

Local governments and transit operators -- not SEWRPC -- will submit project proposals to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Yunker said.

"The Commission will receive sometime after April 1 a list of the potential FHWA funded projects which WisDOT determines would be eligible for stimulus funding(projects which can be completed within the necessary timeframe)," he wrote. "These projects will be provided to the Commission’s Advisory Committee on Transportation System Planning and Programming who will determine of the potential projects those to be selected for funding. The Commission has always approved the recommendations of this Advisory Committee."

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