Thursday, June 18, 2009

Senate budget gives Oak Creek an interchange

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation would pick up Oak Creek's $3.75 million tab for a new I-94 interchange in Oak Creek, under the version of the state budget adopted by the State Senate last night.

The amount is the local share that Oak Creek was expected to kick if it wanted the interchange included in the I-94 North-South reconstruction project. Oak Creek was expected to contribute 25% of the interchange costs.

Even WisDOT acknowledges that construction of the interchange at Drexel Ave. will hurt redevelopment of older commercial areas in the City of Milwaukee.

That not a single Milwaukee Dem spoke out against this proposal is shameful. That WisDOT is expected to pick up Oak Creek's cost for an unneeded, harmful interchange while at the same time the agency is slashing its mowing and routine maintenance efforts statewide is a bad, bitter joke on taxpayers.


Dave Reid said...

Alderman Bauman put out a release on this today. But yeah that's about it as far as a response.

James Rowen said...

Wasn't this what Northwestern Mutual was promoting for its new 'campus' out there?

Gretchen Schuldt said...

That is my understanding.