Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WisDOT budget shortfall? You're KIDDDDING

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is running into a budget shortfall when people are driving less, the country is in a deep recession and the agency is still enamored of magic budgeting. (That's when WisDOT overschedules huge, massively expensive road projects and then collectively closes its eyes and just wishes, wishes real hard that the money to pay for them will somehow just appear.)

The road lobbyists are all pretending that the $49.1 million shortfall signals some fundamental flaw with the state's transportation funding method and that even more money should be picked from taxpayers' pockets and forked over to the road construction firms that will show their gratitude by funneling some of that money into campaign fund accounts or, in as was the case with Gov. Doyle, into his inauguration party fund.

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