Monday, April 5, 2010

Oopsie daisy: More bull from Busalacchi

Caught again.

Despite Secretary Frank Busalacchi’s denial, politics did indeed play a role in putting the I-94 North-South reconstruction and silly expansion project ahead of Zoo Interchange reconstruction.

From a May, 2004 internal WisDOT memo:

There are two key decisions that must be made shortly. First, the proposed corridor prioritization must be approved or amended. Staff selected these three corridors based on a number of factors. They first reviewed analysis of safety, pavement condition, design deficiencies, and congestion. Staff also included preliminary work already conducted as part of their analysis; as a result, the priority of IH 94 from the Illinois state line to the Mitchell Interchange was elevated. Finally, staff considered the political and physical ease with which a corridor could be reconstructed; this lowered both the IH 94 corridor from the Marquette Interchange to STH 16 and the IH 43 corridor from the Mitchell Interchange to Silver Spring Drive. WisDOT staff requires, therefore, the Secretary’s and the Governor’s approval of these three corridors as the first to be reconstructed. (Emphasis added)

This is the second time the Doyle dudes were caught in a whopper about the Zoo / I-94 decision. Why should we believe anything they say about freeway reconstruction?

The memo is titled “First Crack at Shorter Memo to Secretary.” It was obtained many moons ago by Citizens Allied for Sane Highways, which I-co-chair.

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